Years ago, I found myself in an uncomfortable place. It was uncomfortable because I was outside myself, observing my own behavior towards those around me. I was arrogant and prideful. I thought I was the most important person around.


“I should be at the front of this line.  This traffic should get out of my way. The person in front of me in line should be better organized so I wouldn't have to wait for them. This light should change, so I can go first. After all, I have so much to do and I am the most important person I know.”


Everyone driving who passed me was speeding and I got mad at them. Everyone who was going slower than me was an idiot and needed to learn to drive. I thought that anyone who TRIED to get in front of me didn't know that I was more important than them. I spent so much time in my head being angry at the world around me, that I failed to see the beauty in anything that didn't immediately involve me.

I was selfish and bitter. I lacked all patience. I was ready to explode at any perceived injustice toward me.

I was in danger.

One day, I suddenly became aware of myself.

Some people refer to this experience as awakening to the energy around them, to the presence of other people and their needs. My eyes and heart were opened to the true beauty of everyone and everything around me.  I saw the true importance of those around me.

Even those I didn’t know.

Awakenings like these can be contagious. My hope now is that I can help facilitate its spread around the globe.

Not for me.

But for all of you.

And your loved ones.

And the children.

I hope that someday everyone I meet will be smiling with a look in their eyes that says to me,

They are glad I'm alive.


I will try to greet everyone I meet with the same love.  Love that is possible because I am loved first. I won't loose sight of this truth, and I will always seek to love those around me.  Friends and strangers alike.

With a simple smile.

By holding a door.

Gesturing for someone to go ahead of me.

Paying for someone's coffee.

The person in line behind me.

That I've never met or spoken to.


I'm Glad They're Alive.

Now in my life, instead of judging others, I look to give them reasons to smile.

Even if I believe they could never simile.

I try it and see.


I've been amazed by the results.