Take a moment to reflect on the people you love.

Think about how much you care about them, how much you want the best for them.

Do you take the time to tell them?

With words.

A touch.

An embrace.

Do you ever let them know?

I'm Glad You're Alive!


Now, think about the strangers that are all around you.  

Right now.  

Every moment of every day.


The people you've never met.

Living their lives,

you know nothing about.

That person in the car next to you.

In line ahead of you.

The ones you pass by everyday in your building.

They, too, have friends and family that love and care for them.

Do you ever take the time to feel how much you appreciate them too?

Do you ever tell them?

With words.

A glance.

Or even just a passing smile?

A smile that says,

I'm Glad You're Alive!


Imagine what the world would be like if total strangers looked at each other.

And smiled with those words in their heart?

Or told each other how they felt.

Expressed their appreciation.

For each other.

All the time.

Without the need for reward,

or acknowledgement.

What an amazing world it would be.

amazing world.jpg

Have you ever seen a sticker on a car that caused you to pause and ask questions.

What does that mean?

Where did they get that?

How do I get one?

What if, during your busy day of dealing with your kids,

your boss,

all those errands,

you glanced up at the car in front of you,

during that red light that won't ever turn green,

and you saw a bumper sticker?

And it said.

I'm Glad You're Alive.

How would that make you feel?

Would it make you smile?

Feel loved?


You can help spread that feeling.

Tell someone you know and love.

Either through words,

or actions.

A loving embrace.

A whisper in the ear.

A surprise gift.

A good meal.

An unexpected note.

I'm Glad You're Alive!

There are strangers all around you.

They're everywhere.

And they're people too.

Connect with them.

Tell them.

With a smile.

A look into their eyes.

A knowing glance.

An appreciative heart.

Or, just come right out and say it.

I'm Glad You're Alive!

strangers wall.jpg

Tell someone now.


A friend.

A lover.

A stranger.

We'll post it on our expressions page.

For everyone to see.

Tell them.

I'm Glad You're Alive!



Spread the Love.

Pay it forward.


Make the world a better place.

For all of us.

Let someone know.

I'm Glad You're Alive!

You'll be amazed at the results.